Tough & Attractive Bi-Fold Doors in Edinburgh

Strong and robust, double glazed bi-fold doors are tough, attractive and perfect for a wide range of properties in Edinburgh and Scotland.

They are an excellent way to improve the look and feel of any room by allowing natural light to flood in, as well as improving the exterior of your home. At the same time, they provide easy access to your patio or garden.

As windows and doors installers, we will be happy to install bi-fold doors in your property so you can enjoy all of the benefits they provide.

Why Choose Bi-Fold Doors in Edinburgh?

Allowing more natural light to enter your home is one of the main reasons for choosing bi-fold doors. They allow a large amount of extra light into your home, making them perfect for darker rooms.

At the same time, these doors provide ease of access to your patio or garden and allow you to open up the room and increase the feeling of space. These doors look stunning and create a beautiful effect in any home. They are also very practical and take up hardly any space.

Our bi-fold doors in Edinburgh come with secure lock systems, making it easy for you to secure your home and keep your property safe.

They are also very easy to look after, and their low-maintenance design means your doors will stay in great condition for a long time. Like windows, they only require a quick regular clean, which is easy to do because they don’t have lots of panes.

They are a great choice for smaller homes too. If you don’t have much space, bi-fold doors fold back, unlike sliding doors, and take up hardly any space while providing a large opening.

They also have a very energy-efficient design. Bi-fold doors are designed to keep heat inside, helping you to save money on your energy bills.

Types of Bi-Fold Doors We Provide

Choose from two types of bi-fold doors at Eco Windows & Doors: REAL Bi-Fold Doors, which are aluminium, and VEKA Imagine Bi-Fold Doors, which are uPVC.

A-rated bi-fold doors installed

REAL Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

REAL aluminium bi-fold doors are made with a polyamide thermal break for improved thermal performance. Strong and durable, they are weather-resistant, and sashes can be folded internally or externally. They also come in a wide choice of colours.

Features and benefits

  • Available in White, Anthracite Grey, Black and Anthracite Grey on White

  • 2500mm Max o/a height (per sash)

  • 1000mm Max a/o width (per sash) (provided sash does not exceed recommended weight limits)

  • Overall maximum width of 7200mm

  • Glazing available in 28mm double glazed or 36mm triple glazed

  • 25 year colour fastness guarantee

  • Full aluminium suite available including windows, residential doors, sliding doors, French doors, bi-folding doors, composite doors in aluminium frame, lantern roofs and flat roofs

VEKA Imagine uPVC Bi-fold Doors

VEKA Imagine uPVC bi-fold doors are engineered to the highest standards. They are strong and secure with reinforced fixings, and you have a wide variety of configurations to choose from, including both inward and outward opening doors.

Features and benefits

  • Selection of 19 door configurations

  • Up to 7 opening sashes

  • Inward or outward opening

  • Internally beaded

  • Overall widths up to 6m

  • Door heights up to 2.4m

  • Sash widths up to 1m

  • Sash weights up to 100kg

uPVC Bi fold doors

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