Corona Virus Guidlines


At Eco Windows & Doors, safety is still our number one priority. So, we remain committed to the procedures that we have put in place over the last few months. These enable our survey and installation teams to provide our window renovation services in the safest possible way. If you are happy for your work to take place during this lockdown, we are continuing to visit customers’ homes – fully equipped with PPE and maintaining social distancing, where possible. When working on your windows, you may notice that our teams and processes look a little different. The safety and well-being of our employees, customers and clients alike remain our top priority and, as part of our commitment to this, we have adopted many new ways of working.

Lead Times
The ongoing challenges have caused some inevitable disruption to our business that we work tirelessly to minimise. Our lead times may be longer than usual– please speak to our office staff, who will be able to advise further. We would like to reassure you that we’re focusing all our efforts on fulfilling current installations and endeavour to keep customers fully up-to-date on the situation, as it changes. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your patience as we strive to uphold our exacting standards of service.

For any other queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch at Tell: 0131 261 5080

I have work scheduled but I am self-isolating or shielding, what shall I do?
If you have work scheduled to start but are self-isolating or shielding, please contact us immediately on 0131 261 5080.

Now we’re in lockdown for a second time, does this mean my work will have to be cancelled till a later date?
No. As per the government guidelines we can continue to work during the lockdown and with the control measures we have put in place we are confident we are working as safely as possible.

What guidelines have you followed to make sure you’re ‘Covid secure’?
We’re ‘Covid Secure’, as per all Government guidelines. We have also conducted our own Covid-19 Risk Assessments.

How can I be sure all your team are following the same procedures?
Our Installers have been through a thorough a Covid-19 Safety Induction to ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities. Installers will only attend your property if they feel well and are not showing symptoms such as fever, cough or a loss of taste or smell.

What if someone in my household has Covid symptoms or has been asked to self-isolate?
If you have a survey or installation booked within the next two weeks, it’s very important that you advise us as far in advance as possible if anyone in your home has Covid-19 symptoms, has had a recent positive test result or you’ve been asked to self‐isolate. This will enable us to offer you an alternative date for your survey or work to be carried out.

What if your Surveyor or Installer falls ill in my home?
If anyone feels ill whilst on site they have been advised to leave immediately and seek a test. This may mean we need to make last-minute changes to our installation schedule, but we hope you understand, this is for the safety of us all.

What PPE have your teams been issued with?
Our Surveyors and Installers will come fully prepared to all homes and sites, with their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These include face coverings, hand sanitiser and they have spray bottles with disinfectant to ensure all equipment and working areas in your home are cleaned down at the end of each day.

What PPE will the Installers be wearing?
They have a face visor for when they first arrive to site. They are encouraged to ensure 2-metre distance where possible and have any discussions with customers outside (weather permitting) or inside but open windows to ensure good ventilation.

What if a 2-metre distance isn’t possible when your team are in my home?
All staff are informed to ensure they maintain a 2-metre distance wherever possible. If they cannot achieve this, then they must wear a face covering when in close proximity to customers or one another. When our Installers need to speak with you, they have been advised if possible to speak outside the property or next to an open window in a well ventilated area.

Is there a maximum number of people allowed in the property at one time?
No – there’s no maximum. Our teams are working in ‘bubbles’ but even if we need two ‘bubbles’ on one job, we’re encouraging installers to work with their team mate when they have to be within 2-metres of each other. In this situation they will also wear face coverings.

Will these new safety measures mean that jobs take longer?
Our teams are used to wearing PPE. So there’s no reason why the new procedures should slow things down.

After the national lockdown, what happens if there are further local lockdowns near your site, your employees’ homes or my home?
Moving forwards, we will monitor local lockdowns in the UK to ensure customer and installer safety. This may mean we need to make last-minute changes to our installation schedule, but we hope you understand, this is for the safety of us all.

I’ve recently travelled abroad – what are the rules?
If you have an installation booked within two weeks of your return from a trip abroad – to any destination – you have an obligation to notify us at the earliest opportunity. This is to ensure the most recent government guidelines are followed for the safety of our teams, their families and subsequent customers that they may be visiting. Please be aware that this – along with other situations caused by Coronavirus – may cause delays to your work, but we cannot compromise where safety is concerned.

What do I need to do before your team visit?
On the day of your planned work, you have a responsibility to ensure our team have a clean and clear room to work in. You and any members of your family must also remain in a different part of the property for the duration of our team’s visit, to allow for social distancing.