Stunning Cupolas & Skylights in Edinburgh

Bring natural light into your home

Do you want more natural light in your home? Then skylights and cupolas could be a great option. These provide you with an impactful but practical way to let more light flood into your home. As double glazing experts, we have extensive experience installing double glazed cupolas and skylights in Edinburgh and Scotland, so contact us for a quote today.

Choose Us for High-Quality Cupolas & Skylights

Roof windows like skylights and cupolas help to create the illusion of space and are the perfect way to open up your home and allow more light to enter. They are especially suited to properties that don’t receive much natural light, and they provide an attractive feature by allowing you to look up and enjoy stunning views of the sky from inside your home. It’s no surprise that they are so popular.

Our roof windows are of very high quality and are made to the highest standards. They are sturdy and durable so they can stand up to variable Edinburgh weather, and our cupolas and skylights are also double glazed for extra insulation.

We can install skylights and cupolas in homes as well as commercial properties, and we will work closely with you throughout the process to help you decide on the right style. They provide an excellent way to transform the appearance of the property

Timber, Aluminium and uPVC Cupolas and Skylights

We provide roof windows in various styles including wooden and aluminium cupolas and skylights. Alternatively, we can provide you with uPVC skylights and uPVC cupolas, so you can choose the best fit for you according to the style of your property.

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Traditional Cupolas

A cupola is a type of skylight that is more traditional in appearance. These dome-shaped windows project upwards, and they are very popular in Edinburgh properties, especially in tenements and more traditional homes. They are often positioned over stairwells.

As well as allowing more natural light to enter during daylight hours, they can be illuminated at night and turned into a stunning feature.

Beautiful Skylights

Skylights are a great solution for modern buildings and extensions where you want to introduce plenty of natural light to your home without affecting your privacy. By installing a skylight in the ceiling, you can flood your home with daylight and help to open up the room.

Order Your Free Survey Today

We can provide you with a free survey for cupolas and skylights in Edinburgh so you can find out whether one would be suitable in your home and to help make the installation process smoother. Our free, no-obligation surveys are very comprehensive, so you can see exactly what we provide and make the right choice for your home.

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